The Indian Women in Dubai Community has emerged as the largest women-only online community in the region, captivating the attention of various media outlets and celebrities for its remarkable efforts in empowering women and fostering networking opportunities. Through its commitment to women’s empowerment, this vibrant community has established itself as a catalyst for personal growth, professional development, and meaningful connections.

The community’s relentless efforts towards women empowerment and its impact on fostering positive change have garnered widespread recognition from various media outlets. Renowned newspapers and magazines have featured the Indian Women in Dubai Community, highlighting its contributions and achievements. Articles in publications like The Gulf News, Khaleej Times, and WonderMom have praised the community’s dedication to empowering women and have showcased inspiring stories of members who have achieved remarkable milestones through their involvement.

The Indian Women in Dubai Community has also caught the attention of celebrities who recognize the significance of its mission. Prominent figures from the entertainment industry, business world, and social spheres have applauded the community’s efforts and have publicly endorsed its initiatives. Celebrities such as Mandira Bedi, Armaan Malik, Harshdeep Kaur and many more have expressed their support for the community’s work, helping to amplify its message of women empowerment and encouraging more women to join this influential network.

Women's Day Celebration

Nari Shakti- 2023

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