How to increase your visibility on the Indian Women in Dubai Facebook group?

IWD Facebook group has over 50000 women who come from all walks of life. Some are homemakers, others are entrepreneurs, teachers or social workers.

Can you imagine the power of 50000 multi-talented women, all in one place? The kind of visibility you can get if you do it right?

A lot!

And I am not just saying this, our most recent collaborations like Cuddles, Shama Stylish Living, Live with Ruchee Chandra, eAbacus, and so many more have been all a resounding success!

And you can be one of them too!

So, how can you really increase your visibility in the group?

Firstly, you have to let people know about your business. You can do that by taking advantage of our Small Business Sundays. We approve all the business promotions for FREE every Sunday.

Secondly, once you make a post about your business be prompt in your responses. Reply to the comments, explain your services and answer to all the queries. The faster you respond, the higher your chances will be to convert queries into your customers.

Thirdly, ask and incentivise your happy customers to post reviews about you on the group using the #IWDRECCOMMEDATION hashtag.

Lastly, be very active on the group. Keep a keen eye on the posts on the group. A lot of people post about their requirements and some might be what your business provides. For eg- If you provide customized cake, then you can reach out to anyone asking about cakes on the group.

Trust me, a lot of businesses have created regular customers on the group just by keeping an eye on the group and being very prompt.


Our Facebook group can be your goldmine next so make sure you don’t miss out on all the potential customers waiting for you!

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